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Handmade Wedding Invitations

Welcome to Xoxo Invitation, where luxury meets craftsmanship in every handmade wedding invitation we design.

With a wide range of exquisite materials at our disposal, including acrylic, velvet, premium paper, and vellum, we create invitations that are not just messages but mementos.

Our unique and artistic printing methods - hot foil pressing, embossing/debossing, letterpress, and UV color printing - add a touch of elegance to each invitation, making your event unforgettable before it even begins. We are not just about aesthetics, though; we believe in personalization and ensure every detail of your invite resonates with your vision and style.

Whether you are in Miami or Madrid, Moscow or Melbourne, our efficient worldwide shipping makes sure your perfect invitations reach you, wherever you are.

Choose Xoxo Invitation to make a lasting first impression with your guests.

Wedding Ceremony Stage

Explore Wedding Invitations

Dive into the world of our diverse wedding invitation collections, each designed with passion and precision.

Our collections span an array of exquisite materials and cutting-edge printing techniques to cater to every style and theme.

From the luxurious textures of velvet and acrylic to the sophisticated allure of vellum and premium paper,

there's something to captivate every taste.

Explore all collections and let Xoxo Invitation set the stage for your special day with its handmade wedding invitations.

Amelia Carter, New York

“If you're looking for quality, go with Xoxo Invitation. Our velvet wedding invitations are elegant and beautifully made. The process was smooth, and they kept us updated until our invites were delivered. Great work!""
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